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Currently Retired

Many people enjoy a couple of months or even years of retirement before the lack of a paycheck and declining account balances make them worried about their finances.

These are people who have been withdrawing from their investment accounts to fund their retirement and aren’t sure if they have been withdrawing too much or too little, or if they are withdrawing from their accounts in the correct order to optimize taxes.
The advisors at Ruedi Wealth Management can ease your retirement concerns by developing a sound plan for the rest of your retirement.

How We Can Help 

  • Determine how much you can withdraw from your investments
  • Determine when and how we will adjust your retirement spending over time
  • Determine the most tax-efficient way to withdraw from your investment accounts
  • Determine an appropriate investment mix to fund your retirement plan
  • Determine the best way to fund potential long-term care expenses
  • Ensure your spouse will be ok if you pass away

If you’d like a professional to guide you through your retirement, we invite you to schedule a call with a financial advisor. 

Schedule A Call