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Where It All Began

Paul A. Ruedi

Where it all began

We're a Family of Financial Planners Dedicated to Securing Your Retirement

Founded in 2014 by our CEO, Paul A. Ruedi, Ruedi Wealth quickly grew to include other members of our family. With a team of five financial advisors, we have all your retirement planning needs covered.

A Message From Our Founder, Paul Ruedi

“I was proudly born and raised in Illinois, moving to the Champaign area at age 7. This is where I grew up and where I raised my own family. Since 1984, I have been providing wealth management and retirement planning services to my neighbors in this community.

In 2014, I was thrilled to expand my team of experts to include my talented sons, all finance graduates or business school degrees with a shared dedication to helping people in central Illinois achieve their retirement dreams. While philosophies on investing and retirement planning remain exactly the same, young advisors have infused our business with the latest technology and plenty of fresh enthusiasm. Our clients are now enjoying even greater convenience, and I have gained additional time to spend with them one-on-one. It’s been a winning collaboration.

Working together as Ruedi Wealth Management, we have established ourselves as the area’s leader in navigating the complex financial maze of retirement. Beyond our professional expertise, our values and integrity also set us apart. We genuinely care. Our name is on the door, so you can bet we are fully committed to delivering a positive experience for each and every client.”

Paul Ruedi has been advising clients on financial matters for 38 years. Paul also hosts Paul Ruedi’s "On the Money" radio show that airs on WDWS twice a month, which he created in 1990. He is also a contributor to the Ruedi Wealth Blog and is frequently cited as an expert in major news outlets.

Get to Know the Rest of the Team