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Investment Management 

Grow Your Wealth & Fund Your Retirement

Adhering to Evidence-Based Strategies

At Ruedi Wealth Management, we follow a highly disciplined investment management approach designed to help grow your wealth and fund your retirement plans. We provide investment management services for our valued clients in three key areas.

What’s Included

Portfolio Design

We help you identify the best investment mix to reach your goals and the best types of accounts in which to hold your various investments to minimize taxes. Our investing approach is informed by decades of academic research and our portfolios are low-cost, diversified and customized.

Strategic Portfolio Withdrawals

It’s important to determine how much you can safely withdraw from your investment portfolio each month or year during retirement. We’ll also determine the optimal order to withdraw from your accounts in order to maximize your after-tax spending and make sure you meet legal requirements to avoid penalties.

Continuous Portfolio Management

To keep you on track, we constantly monitor and periodically rebalance your portfolio if you’ve drifted too far from your plan’s target. We strive to minimize taxes and trading costs in the rebalancing process.

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