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Approaching Retirement

Many people approach retirement with no idea if they are on track to achieve their retirement goals, or even what goals they should be striving for. 

They have no idea how much income they will need in retirement, how much to save each year before retirement, or when they can retire with the lifestyle they want. The advisors at Ruedi Wealth Management can help you develop a plan that provides a clear path to the retirement you want. If you don't have a specific retirement date in mind, we can test alternative savings rates and retirement dates, allowing you to see how that affects your projected retirement income.

How We Can Help 

  • Determine how much you should be saving to retire when you want with the lifestyle you want
  • Determine an appropriate investment mix to fund your retirement plan
  • Determine which types of investment accounts you should contribute to if you want to minimize taxes over your lifetime
  • Determine how you will gain healthcare coverage before and after Medicare eligibility
  • Determine the best way to fund potential long-term care expenses
  • Determine when adjustments to your plan are needed
  • Maintain peace of mind through the ups and downs in the stock market

 If you’d like to find out if you’re on track for retirement, we invite you to schedule a call with a financial advisor.

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