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On the Money: Silicon Valley Bank Failure Thumbnail

On the Money: Silicon Valley Bank Failure

On this episode of “On the Money,” Paul Ruedi, David Ruedi, and Dr. Fred Giertz discuss the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and its impact on everyday investors.

(1:44) Silicon Valley Bank

(12:17) Client question about banking turmoil: How does this effect me?

(25:18) What happens to your assets if your financial institution goes under?

(39:11) There’s always something to worry about

(42:06) Split funds between banks to stay below FDIC insurance limits

(47:45) Rising mortgage rates and impact on housing affordability

(49:13) Dimensional Fund Advisors named #1 mutual fund company by Barron’s

(51:15) Caller question: My bond funds have taken a hit; should I sell them or hold on?