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On the Money: Funding a 30-Year Retirement Thumbnail

On the Money: Funding a 30-Year Retirement

On this episode of “On the Money,” Paul Ruedi, David Ruedi, and Ryan Repko discuss funding a 30-year retirement. They also discuss purchasing CDs at local vs. online banks and using a donor-advised fund to lower your taxes.

(2:49) Saying the same thing different ways

(7:07) Most retirees need to plan for a 3-decade retirement

(15:50) Most retirees need a portion of their portfolio in stocks to address inflation

(18:56) Bonds keep you from failing fast, stocks keep you from failing slowly

(22:39) Listener text: I’ve been researching options for CDs locally but also at online banks that offer better investment rates. What do you think of these accounts at online, national banks?

(29:18) Caller question about Roth IRAs

(33:34) Using a donor-advised fund to reduce taxes in an extraordinarily high-income year.

(40:18) Transitioning to retirement and finding your retirement guide