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On the Money: All-Time Highs and Inherited IRAs Thumbnail

On the Money: All-Time Highs and Inherited IRAs

On this episode of "On the Money," Paul Ruedi, David Ruedi, Ryan Repko, and Dr. Fred Giertz discuss the stock market climbing to all-time highs. They also answer listener questions about annuities, China invading Taiwan, and inherited IRA distribution rules.

(2:20) The focus on the Fed

(11:16) New all-time highs in the stock market

(12:21) Caller question: What portion of a person’s portfolio should be invested in annuities or immediate annuities?

(18:28) Caller question: I’m afraid China is going to invade Taiwan – what are the implications for the stock market if that happens?

(30:19) What is the purpose of investing in stocks?

(37:55) Caller question: What do you think about the world potentially moving to a place where all assets and income are “tokenized.”

(42:08) Is splitting your assets between advisors a good idea?

(43:55) Caller question: Do my grandkids have to liquidate an inherited IRA within 10 years? Do they need to take a required minimum distribution?