Financial Planning

We believe planning is the key to achieving the results you want. It’s important for us to invest time getting to know you and helping you explore and articulate your specific dreams for retirement. Once we gather the right information, we can customize a plan that’s designed to help you reach your goals.

Investment Management

Using your plan as a guide, we’ll develop an investment portfolio designed to help meet your personal goals. Our thorough operations team will take care of setting up your accounts or transferring any existing ones to Charles Schwab (our custodian).

You can also count on us to conscientiously manage your assets, monitoring them daily. Even when the market takes you on a bumpy ride, our steady investment philosophy cushions you with common sense and a practical, long-term perspective. If your plan needs adjustments, we’ll take care of it. If you’ve already retired, we’ll free up cash each month and send you the money you need. It’s simple and stress-free, with every detail covered.

Ongoing Advice

The advantage of partnering with a family owned and operated company like Ruedi Wealth Management is having that personal connection and knowing that we’re right by your side, no matter what comes your way. We like to meet with you periodically to get an update on your life and perform a plan review. This helps us ensure you are on track to meet your goals (or make changes if you’re not).

In the meantime, we know that life can sometimes throw us curve balls. Whenever you have questions or need advice, we’re just a phone call or an email away. Prefer to come by our office and chat face-to-face? We’d love to see you. We can typically schedule a meeting within a day of your call. The bottom line:  when you need us, we’re here.