Our Typical Client


Our typical client at Ruedi Wealth Management is someone age 55 or older who lives in central Illinois. Within that category, our clients include a range of people who are:

  • Beginning to think about retirement and wondering how to be financially prepared
  • Making the transition to retirement and facing the anxiety of losing a steady paycheck
  • Enjoying retirement but concerned about making hard-earned savings last throughout a lifetime while they travel and pursue their hobbies
  • Experiencing retirement challenges and searching for help to handle sometimes-unexpected financial needs (expenses related to health complications, assisted living, death of a spouse, etc.)

No matter what phase of retirement our clients are in, they have one thing in common. They know the importance of having a partner they can trust with the profound responsibility of protecting their retirement lifestyle. Most of them have sacrificed for decades to accumulate their savings. Having guidance from the experts at Ruedi Wealth Management gives them the confidence to make smart financial decisions and create the best possible foundation for their golden years.