Investment Management

At Ruedi Wealth Management, we follow a highly disciplined investment philosophy designed to help grow your wealth and fund your financial plan for retirement. We provide investment services for our valued clients in these key areas:

Low-Cost Portfolio Design

  • Identifying the best investment mix to help reach your plan goals
  • Defining the ideal asset location strategy to minimize your lifetime taxes
  • Reducing your expenses with diversified, low-turnover mutual funds

Continuous Portfolio Management

  • Monitoring and periodically rebalancing your portfolio if you’ve drifted too far from your plan’s target goals
  • Minimizing realized capital gains and trading costs by using cash flows in the rebalancing process
  • Identifying opportunities to gain tax efficiencies by converting a portion of your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA

Strategic Portfolio Withdrawals

  • Determining how much you can safely withdraw from your investment portfolio each month or year during retirement
  • Guiding you on the optimal order of account withdrawals to maximize your funds and increase the longevity of your portfolio
  • Adjusting withdrawal rates over time based on market conditions to increase lifetime spending and reduce the risk of outliving your funds
  • Helping you to meet legal requirements and avoid penalties for Required Minimum Distributions with tax-deferred accounts (IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.)