Financial Planning

Your dreams for the future are unique, so retirement planning is never a one-size-fits-all process. At Ruedi Wealth Management, we want to get to know you and begin building a true partnership. We’ll ask the right questions to help you think about the many different facets of retirement, and we’ll use our expertise to show you how they all fit together.

The target areas we cover in our financial planning include: 

Retirement Objectives

  • Defining the lifestyle you’d like to have during your retirement years
  • Identifying activities and “bucket list items” for which you’d like to be financially prepared (travel, vacation home, high-end retirement community, new hobbies, charitable donations, education assistance for family members) 


  • Estimating the approximate amount of money you’ll need per month to live comfortably and achieve your goals
  • Selecting the optimal time to retire
  • Choosing a monthly pension or lump sum from employer accounts
  • Understanding when to claim Social Security
  • Developing an overall strategy to minimize taxes during retirement
  • Recognizing the financial impact of changing your physical assets (downsizing your home, purchasing a car/boat/camper, selling property)  


  • Reviewing option to pay for healthcare prior to age 65
  • Selecting a Medicare plan
  • Determining your need for life insurance, including types and amounts
  • Calculating your requirements for long-term care insurance and the best coverage for you

Estates and Trust

  • Helping you decide if you need updates to your Will, Power of Attorney, or Living Will
  • Providing recommendations on creating a trust

College Savings

  • Choosing appropriate accounts for supporting grandchildren or other family members with education expenses
  • Selecting the best investment options within your accounts
  • Determining the proper amount of savings per year based on your time horizon

Charitable Donations

  • Reviewing your financial status to identify options for charitable gifts
  • Determining which assets can be gifted to maximize tax efficiency