Our Investment Philosophy

At Ruedi Wealth Management, we believe the most successful investment portfolios are strategically planned, broadly diversified, strictly managed, and remarkably cost efficient. Here’s what that means in plain English:

We plan first

For us, this process is personal. The beginning of our partnership involves getting to know you, your goals, and your dreams for the future. That helps us define exactly where you want to go, and then we can create a solid strategy to get you there. Without proper planning as a guide, your investment portfolio would be like a navigation system trying to operate without a specific destination. The plan is essential; it drives everything else.

We diversify

This is the financial equivalent of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” A broadly diversified portfolio minimizes unnecessary risk for our clients by spreading it across a wide range of industries and sectors. Our typical client portfolio includes more than 12,000 holdings from companies around the world, essentially providing a vote of confidence for the future of global capitalism. If one company has a rough year, the impact on you is negligible. Diversified investments create valuable peace of mind.

We remain steady

We stick to a tried-and-true investment approach that involves patiently capturing market returns rather than frantically chasing them. While others might try to outperform the market with wild timing schemes or trendy philosophies, we harness the historically proven power of a long-term perspective and reliable mutual funds.

Decades of research confirm that this steady, buy-and-hold tactic increases the probability of reaching financial goals. Plus, this approach helps our clients avoid mistakes and surprises along the way. Our years of experience allow us to provide a calm voice of reason during times of market volatility while others are getting hijacked by their emotions. Discipline wins the race every time.

We minimize your costs and taxes

Our consistent investment philosophy doesn’t require frequent buying and selling or huge research teams, so we can keep our management expenses to a minimum. Our funds also have low turnover, which means fewer taxable distributions and greater tax efficiency. You worked hard to build your retirement nest egg, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you protect it. Keeping costs low means your money goes farther.