A Personal Message From our Founder

I was proudly born and raised in Illinois, moving to the Champaign area at age 7. This is where I grew up and where I raised my own family. Since 1984, I have been providing wealth management services and retirement support to my neighbors in this community.

In 2014, I was thrilled to expand my team of experts to include my talented sons, all finance graduates with a shared dedication to helping people in central Illinois achieve their retirement dreams. While my consistent and successful philosophy for retirement savings remains exactly the same, my new associates have infused our business with the latest technology and plenty of fresh enthusiasm. Our clients are now enjoying even greater convenience, and I have gained additional time to spend with them one-on-one. It’s been a winning collaboration.

Working together as Ruedi Wealth Management, we have established ourselves as the area’s leader in navigating the complex financial maze of retirement. Beyond our professional expertise, our values and integrity also set us apart. We genuinely care. Our name is on the door, so you can bet we are fully committed to delivering a positive experience for each and every client.

I hope you’ll give us a call today to explore how our family can help yours. And by the way, there’s a 99% chance that the person answering the phone will be a member of the Ruedi family. 


Paul Ruedi has been advising clients on financial matters for 32 years. In 1992, Paul Ruedi created Paul Ruedi’s On-The-Money radio show.  The On-the-Money radio show is a call-in radio show that airs twice a month on the areas largest AM radio station WDWS AM 1400.  Currently, Paul is the CEO of Ruedi Wealth Management, Inc. in Champaign Illinois.  Ruedi Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The majority of his clients are nearing retirement or have already retired.

Paul Ruedi can be reached at 217-356-1400.